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Dax Shepard: “We Lost”

Hollywood Heroes.

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This post is for dirtandbone on his big 2-4, featuring lyrics from only 3 of the songs that remind me of our terrible but awesomely codependent and dysfunctional friendship. Lucky, You’re a bitch and quite possible the most frustrating person I’ve ever met in my life—- BUT, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re my bro for life, and a priority even when it doesn’t seem like it. I hope today’s memorable, fucker. Happy Birthday.

songs featured: hey brother, lifesaver, + those nights

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2013 Favorites Challenge

↳ 13 Shows: New Girl

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Will you look at that. It’s my first Dearoline manip! :)

Made especially for hotbloodedhunter who sent me a Dearoline vs Klaroline ask, the answer for which I will post today. 

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Ty trying to make Jensen laugh in fifteen seconds

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"I imagined you saying that under different circumstances…very platonic circumstances." (inspiration)

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Top Gun & Archer - Part I

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supernatural soundtrack △ season one

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Teen Wolf - 3B teasers (x)/(x)

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this is perfect